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Music lessons in cincinnati and NKY

Music Lessons We Offer

Guitar Lessons

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As students become proficient in the guitar fundamentals, they progress to tackling more intricate elements such as finger drills, picking methods, and foundational scales, laying the groundwork for participation in a band.

Piano Lessons

This is a picture of someone taking a piano lesson at tallant music studio in northern kentucky.

Our piano and keyboard lessons are crafted to foster a deep love for music. With personalized instruction, we ensure that each child discovers their musical potential and thrives on their own musical journey.

Singing Lessons

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For students who enjoy singing along to the radio, we provide an innovative approach to learning how to sing. Unlike traditional singing lessons tailored for kids, we aim to have vocalists performing on stage at the end of the semester recital.

Cello Lessons


Discover the profound beauty of the cello through personally crafted lessons. Dive into classical elegance or explore contemporary styles as you cultivate your talent with experienced instructors.

Violin Lessons

this is a picture of a violin lesson at our music school.

Whether you’re first starting our or simply exploring your passion for the violin, our violin lessons will nurture your talent and help you reach your goals. Join us and embark on a rewarding journey of musical discovery.

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Welcome to Tallant Music Studio! We offer private music lessons in Cincinnati and NKY in guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, piccolo, music theory, and voice lessons! We also offer online music lessons if in-person lessons are not an option for you or your family. Our vetted music instructors are experienced teachers, well-educated, and passionate about teaching their instrument(s) and their students! We are confident that your talent will flourish here. Give us a call or sign up online today!

Our one-on-one sessions offer a tailored experience, allowing students to explore their musical interests, refine their techniques, and progress at their own pace.

Our commitment to excellence extends to our team of instructors, each carefully selected for their exceptional skills, expertise, and passion for teaching their instrument(s)!

Our music school is conveniently located in the heart of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, making it an easy commute for Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati residents.

Meet Our Talented Music Instructors!

Get to know our team. We think they are fantastic and so will you! Click their image below to learn more about them and their availability.

Piano Instructors:

Guitar Instructors:

Voice Instructors:

Violin Instructors:

Cello Instructors:

Flute Instructors:

  • Julianna Eidle

    Julianna Eidle

    Flute, Piccolo