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This is a picture of tallant music studios street sign in fort thomas kentucky. It can only be described as whimsical.

Welcome to Tallant Music Studio! Looking for a great music school close to Cincinnati? You’ve come to the right place. We offer private music lessons in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, right across the river. Our music instructors teach a wide variety of instruments including: piano, guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, violin, voice, viola, cello, flute, piccolo, songwriting, and music composition. Our instructors are all well-educated, highly experienced, and compassionate about teaching their instrument(s) and their students!

Our fun and inspirational studio environment engages the students and inspires them to show their inner talent. Each room is painted a different color, with inspirational and fun quotes abound.

How Long Are Music Lessons?

We operate on a term basis, with (4) lesson trial packages available for new students. Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. Each term we encourage our students to participate in at least (1) recital. Though optional, we highly recommend performing at the recitals to build confidence and performance experience. We always build in extra weeks to our terms for missed lessons. For example, our Spring 2024 Term consists of 18 lessons over the course of 21.5 weeks.

School Terms 2024# of Lessons included in package# of weeks
Spring (Jan 2-May 31st)1821*
Summer (June 1- Aug 13)1010*
Fall (Aug 14-Dec 23)1618*
*vacation weeks are decided by you and your instructor

How Much Do Music Lessons Cost?

We offer competitive music lessons for the tri-state area at $62 per hour. Lessons are available in term packages at 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons per session. Monthy payment plans are available for an increased cost due to processing fees. (4) 30 minute lesson trial packages are also available for new students at $100.

Minutes / LessonPaid in FullPaid Monthly
*4 x 30 Minute Lesson Trial Package$100N/A
30$31.0$32.0 (+$1)
45$46.5$47.75 (+$1.25)
60$62.0$63.5 (+$1.50)
*for new students only.

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caileen voice instructor cincinnati

Hi! My name is Caileen Tallant-Adams, Director and Founder of Tallant Music Studio. Fort Thomas has a long-held tradition of cultivating and encouraging the arts within the community, and you can find our music school in the heart of the Cultural Arts District. Therefore, we aim to continue this tradition and to build upon it through quality music instruction, and compassion for our students. Our instructors are not only music teachers but mentors too. They are highly skilled, well-trained, and experienced, catering each lesson to the needs of every student, young and old. In addition, we strive to cultivate a long-lasting relationship that will set our students up for long-term success. Our goal at TMS is to discover the unique talent in each and every student and allow it to flourish. Tallant Music Studio, “Where talent flourishes!”.


Give us a call at 859-620-6065 or send us an email at info@tallantmusicstudio.com