Summer Music Lessons: Learn Something New in Cincinnati and NKY!

If you’re looking for things to do this Summer in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (NKY), consider signing up for music lessons at Tallant Music Studio! Here are just a few reasons why music lessons at Tallant Music Studio are a great idea to spend your extra time this Summer.

First and foremost, Tallant Music Studio is staffed with highly skilled and experienced music teachers. They are dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential and achieve their musical goals. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician, you’ll receive personalized instruction that is tailored to your needs and interests.

Another great thing about Tallant Music Studio is the variety of music lessons offered. Whether you’re interested in piano, guitar, voice, drums, or any other instrument, we’ll fit you with a teacher who specializes in that area. In addition, the studio offers lessons for students of all ages and skill levels, so you can start learning at any time and progress at your own pace.

In addition to the benefits of learning an instrument and making new friends, music lessons at Tallant Music Studio can also have positive effects on mental and emotional health. Playing music has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, and enhance overall well-being. By taking music lessons, you’ll not only be developing a new skill, but also improving your mental and emotional health.

Tallant Music Studio is also surprisingly affordable. We offer competitive prices for music lessons in the tri-state area at $29 per 30-minute lesson, with 45 and 60 minute lessons available for more intermediate and advanced students, and discounts for multiple family members.

In conclusion, music lessons at Tallant Music Studio are a great activity to do this summer in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. With experienced teachers, a wide variety of lessons, opportunities for collaboration and performance, and positive effects on mental and emotional health, there’s no better time to start learning music. So what are you waiting for? Start a lifelong skill this Summer, and book with us today!

Spring Music Lesson Registration Now Open!

Music Academy in Cincinnati

Book now for music lessons in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky! Learn a lifelong skill this Spring with one of our vetted music instructors in voice, guitar, piano, violin, voice, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, and way more!

For returning students, times will fill up fast, so don’t forget to sign up with your favorite teachers for your preferred time slot!

We offer competitive music lessons for the tri-state area at $58 per hour (as of 2022). Lessons are available in term packages at 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons per session. We operate on a term basis, with (4) music lesson trial packages available for new students. 

Give us a call to answer any questions, or go ahead and sign up through our online portal!

Spring Term Begins term begins January 1st.

Selected as One of the Best Places for Guitar Lessons in Cincinnati!

The Best Guitar Lessons in Cincinnati

Tallant Music Studio has some of the best guitar lessons in Cincinnati by! TMS offers guitar lessons in Cincinnati and surrounding communities to students of all ages and experience levels. Our vetted guitar instructors have at least ten years of experience, and are among the regions best guitarists. From beginner guitar lessons to expert, our guitar teachers will find where you are in your musical journey and design a curriculum for your skill level. The guitar is an excellent choice for students 5 and older. We are happy to provide recommendations for you or your child’s first guitar too! TMS offers online guitar lessons through zoom, if in-person lessons are not an option for you and your family.

We offers lessons in electric guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and bass guitar. Click the instructors image below to learn more about them.

Guitar Lessons for Kids

The guitar is a great instrument for kids to learn. The guitar has been proven to be effective in relieving stress and frustration, boosting brain power, and developing confidence in students of all ages, especially for kids. If you are looking for a way to express yourself in a musical way, the guitar may be the right answer for you. Every term, TMS recommends participating in the optional recitals to gain performance confidence, and to demonstrate newfound skills!  

Now Enrolling for Fall Music Lessons in Cincinnati and NKY!

Music School in Cincinnati and NKY

Now enrolling for Fall music lessons in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky! Learn a lifelong skill this Fall with one of our vetted music instructors in guitar, piano, violin, voice, cello, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet, and way more!

For returning students, times will fill up fast, so don’t forget to sign up with your favorite teachers for your preferred time slot!

(4) lesson trial package available for new students only ($100)

Give us a call to answer any questions, or go ahead and sign up through our online portal!

Fall term begins August 15th.

Donated street piano destroyed less than a week after installation, replaced.

Tallant Music Studio and the City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, partnered to
sponsor a street piano program for the Summer of 2022. The piano was set to be
painted with a beautiful mural, but had been destroyed by delinquent(s) soon
after it was placed under the clocktower.

The beautiful 120+ year old Baldwin piano, made in Cincinnati, Ohio, was in
its last chapter. Though functional before destroyed, it could not be tuned
anymore due to its heart, the soundboard, being cracked. Tallant Music Studio
therefore donated the piano as an interactive pubic art piece that the
community could enjoy.

In the 6 days it was out, it was already played and enjoyed by hundreds of

Thankfully, the City of Fort Thomas quickly found a replacement piano which
is now in place and again being enjoyed by the community.

The police are currently finding the perpetrators and an investigation is
ongoing. If you have any information please contact the Fort Thomas Police. 

Read the Local 12 article here.

Voted Best Piano Music Lessons in Cincinnati!

TMS has been awarded one of the best schools for Cincinnati piano lessons by! We offers piano lessons in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to students of all ages and abilities. Piano lessons are a great way to begin your musical journey that can become a wonderful form of therapy, and a lifelog skill. Studies show that piano lessons support memory retention, focus, and concentration to name a few. Our teachers have experience teaching students of all ages and experience how to play the piano. Their students range from beginner to advanced. Our vetted Piano instructors all have a degree in music and have been teaching and performing for many years. Sign up to take piano lessons in Cincinnati today!

Tallant Music Studio Featured on WCPO 9 News!

In case you missed it, Tallant Music Studio was featured on WCPO 9 NEWS! TMS was recently awarded a grant by the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Duke Energy to help combat the effects of the pandemic on locally owned minority businesses. Watch the full video here!

Why Study Music? It Makes You Smarter According to MIT

Why study music? A recent study from MIT compared students who learned to code with students that learned a musical instrument. The study found that learning to code:

“… seems to be its own thing. It’s not the same as language, and it’s not the same as math and logic.”

In contrast, by learning an instrument, the study found that it did indeed increase other skills and brain power.  The research went on to say that

“The earlier the musicians had started with musical practice, the stronger these connectivities.” 

The summary of the research stated,

“musicians’ brains were vastly more structurally and functionally connected than non-musicians, especially in areas of the brain responsible for speech and sound (especially the auditory cortices of both hemispheres). … The musical group also showed stronger connections from the auditory cortices to other brain areas in the frontal, parietal, and temporal cortex known to be involved in the control of higher cognitive functions like memory, working memory, and executive functions.”

So, why study music? It makes you smarter! Read more into the research here, and sign up for music lessons today!

Why Tallant Music Studio?

You are doing your homework and have found several music schools in the area. Location is probably a big factor in your decision, but what makes Tallant Music Studio the music school you can trust?

Tallant Music Studio (TMS for short) is comprised of well-educated and highly-experienced music instructors that have been serving the Cincinnati and NKY area for over 20 years. Each instructor brings a unique approach to their teaching, but one thing remains consistent, a passion to help you discover your voice and allow your talent to flourish. Whether you are a brand new student or coming back for more lessons, TMS is for you. Whether you are looking to become classically trained or are looking for a relaxed setting where you can learn a new instrument, TMS is for you!

Our teachers believe that lessons should be catered to the students’ goals. It is our job to identify your goals and then help you achieve them with instruction that is both informative and fun!

Most of our instructors are also music performers, meaning they know how to translate what is on the page into an engaging performance. We believe we can teach you how to do this too. Have you ever wanted to learn how to command a stage? TMS is for you! Have you ever wanted to perform at an open mic, a theatre, a concert, or a show? TMS is for you! We are here to help you meet your performance goals as well as guide you through each and every performance.

TMS is also here to guide you through audition preparation. Whether that audition is for a musical, a play, a music camp, an undergraduate, or graduate program audition, TMS is for you! Our music instructors have all been through several auditions themselves, and we can provide you with the tools and skills needed to walk into an audition with confidence and be well-prepared! Our instructors set a high standard for ourselves and for our students, and we pride ourselves in helping you ace that first or hundredth audition! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your first music lesson today and let your talent flourish!