COVID-19 Policies

  1. Please remember to practice social distancing throughout your entire time in the building. This means keeping 6 feet apart during your entire time at the studio.
  2. Please do not come inside the building if you or anyone you have been in contact with are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    1. Cough
    2. Fever
    3. Shortness of breath 
    4. Chills or aches
    5. Any other cold or flu-like symptoms 
  3. No more than 10 people are allowed in the building at a time: 
    1. 2 in the waiting area
    2. 2 in the yellow room 
    3. 3 in the pink room 
    4. 3 in the blue room 
  4. Please wait on the porch when possible 
  5. Masks are required at all times
  6. Please wait for the student before you to leave the building before going in for your lesson. 
  7. Please remember to practice thorough handwashing and limit touching anything in the studio that you do not have to. 
  8. All piano students must wash their hands before and after lessons. 
  9. All voice students must stand behind the plastic barriers when singing. 
  10. Instructors will be sanitizing common areas in their rooms between each lesson. 
  11. The studio will be wiped down at the beginning and end of each day.