Preston Bell Charles III

  • Violin

Violin Instructor in Cincinnati

 The path that lead me to, at this point teaching a little over 20 students, was unique, and to me, amazing!  

My formal education in music started in Grade K as a general music theory, learning through clapping, the recorder and other percussion instruments. I knew at a young age that,  music was by far my favorite area of study, I didn’t have to be pushed to learn it.  As I got older I picked up the flute and Piano and then one day after hearing a performance by Itzhak Pearlman on his violin, I was awestruck, and felt in my soul, that the violin had chosen me.  My mother was thinking I was going to not stick with another instrument, but had heard about a private teacher who had access to rental instruments and affordable lessons.  

After years of growth and practice I began to enjoy, and challenge myself to get better,  I was able to make into the WHHS Senior Orchestra my eighth grade year, and since then, from travelling the world, and partaking in national competitions, I had many life changing experiences. Music has always been key in my development and connection of understanding the world.  

Furthermore the importance of music education is evident in my life. Music education is something that I believe should be available to everyone, and catered to fit the needs and goals of those learning it.   I had good teachers that pushed, encouraged, corrected, and challenged, but most importantly, really loved sharing music with others.  It is a gift that we just have to reach out and acquire. 

For the past decade I have been offering private lessons at home, with my youngest student being 3 yrs old, to my most mature, being in their 60’s.