Eric Sutton


Guitar Instructor in Cincinnati

For three decades, Eric Sutton has harmonized with the strings of guitars and related instruments, weaving melodies and imparting wisdom. As a dedicated educator, he has enriched the musical landscape of the tri-state area for a remarkable span of 15 years. Eric’s expertise extends across a diverse array of instruments, encompassing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele, and banjo, offering a comprehensive musical journey to his students.

Having honed his craft at Northern Kentucky University under the tutelage of luminaries like Bob Mercer and Chris Wilke, Eric brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching practice. His illustrious career has seen him mentor learners spanning a wide age spectrum, from tender ages of 5 to the seasoned wisdom of 85, illustrating his adaptability and prowess across all demographics.

Embracing the digital age with fervor, Eric has transcended geographical barriers, fostering a nationwide community of students through the effectiveness of virtual guitar lessons. With a philosophy rooted in personalized instruction, Eric tailors his lessons to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of each individual student. Whether one dreams of shredding like a rock virtuoso or strumming soulful chords, Eric’s guidance illuminates the path to musical mastery.

Under Eric’s tutelage, learning becomes an immersive and enjoyable experience, as he cultivates a nurturing and relaxed atmosphere conducive to unleashing the latent talents within each student. With Eric as your guide, your musical aspirations are not merely aspirations—they are milestones waiting to be realized, melodies waiting to be sung, and talents waiting to flourish.

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