We operate on a term schedule with lessons occuring on a weekly basis with the same instructor. If you schedule in the middle of a term, only the lessons remaining in the term are paid. Consistency is key in our eyes, and we want to help you be the best musician you can be. Check our opening time slots here by visiting our music instructors page. Click on the instructor you would like to work with and scroll down to see their open time slots.

School Terms 2024# of Lessons included in package # of weeks
Spring (Jan 2-May 31st)1821*
Summer (June 1- Aug 13)5-810*
Fall (Aug 14-Dec 23)1618*
*vacation weeks are decided by you and your instructor.

Pricing for music lessons is as follows. Note, this is per single lesson. Typically students have three to four lessons per month.

Minutes / LessonPaid in FullPaid Monthly
*4 x 30 Minute Lesson Trial Package$100N/A
30$31.0$32.0 (+$1)
45$46.5$47.75 (+$1.25)
60$62.0$63.5 (+$1.50)
*for new students only.
Please Note: A $15 signup fee is applied at the time of registration per semester for administration and processing.

Students are required to have their own instrument at home and to bring to lessons with them (with the exception of piano). Practice at home in between lessons is crucial to the success and progression as an artist. Please let us know if you need any recommendations about purchasing or renting an instrument for lesson

The monthly payment is a fixed rate based on the number of lessons per term. It is not based on the number of lessons had each month. The first payment is due at the time of registration and followed by monthly payments from the date of registration. So, for example, for the Spring term, the monthly payment consists of five equal payments for all eighteen lessons taking place from January 2nd to May 31st.

Before signing up, visit our music instructor page to read more about our team and see their availability. After signing up below, select your instructor from your account and an open reoccurring time slot. We look forward to meeting you and learning music!

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