Donated street piano destroyed less than a week after installation, replaced.

Tallant Music Studio and the City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, partnered to
sponsor a street piano program for the Summer of 2022. The piano was set to be
painted with a beautiful mural, but had been destroyed by delinquent(s) soon
after it was placed under the clocktower.

The beautiful 120+ year old Baldwin piano, made in Cincinnati, Ohio, was in
its last chapter. Though functional before destroyed, it could not be tuned
anymore due to its heart, the soundboard, being cracked. Tallant Music Studio
therefore donated the piano as an interactive pubic art piece that the
community could enjoy.

In the 6 days it was out, it was already played and enjoyed by hundreds of

Thankfully, the City of Fort Thomas quickly found a replacement piano which
is now in place and again being enjoyed by the community.

The police are currently finding the perpetrators and an investigation is
ongoing. If you have any information please contact the Fort Thomas Police. 

Read the Local 12 article here.