TMS Policies 2022-2023


122 N Fort Thomas Ave. Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Thank you for choosing Tallant Music Studio for all your musical needs! We offer lessons in piano, voice, music theory, music composition, songwriting, guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass, violin, viola, saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo, and trumpet. We are so happy you have joined us and will make every effort to build confidence and allow your talent to flourish! 

GENERAL INFORMATION: The studio schedule will follow three terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer. Lessons are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute segments. All lessons are charged at the rate of $29/ half hour.

2023-2024 Term Schedule: 

Lessons are billed by term. You have the option to purchase the entire term or make monthly payments, which are charged at the beginning of the month. The Spring 2022 term is broken down as follows:

Spring 2023: January 2- June 4 (19 lessons)*

Lesson LengthFull-Term CostMonthly Installments (5)
30 minutes$551$110.2
45 minutes$826.5$165.3
60 minutes$1102$220.4

Summer 2023: June 5 – August 14 (10 lessons)*

Lesson LengthFull-Term CostMonthly Installments (3)
30 minutes$290$96.67
45 minutes$435$145.00
60 minutes$580$193.33

Fall 2022: August 15- December 23 (16 lessons) ** Pricing To Be Determined

Lesson LengthFull-Term CostMonthly Installments (4)
30 minutes$464$116
45 minutes$696$174
60 minutes$928$232
Example cost

*If you enroll late in the term or would like to purchase additional lessons, there is also an option to purchase individual lessons. Please contact the studio directly for this option.* 

**lessons are not required from December 24-January 1st; however, some instructors may choose to continue during this time. Please contact your instructor if you would like lessons during this time.*

PAYMENT METHODS: Tallant Music Studio accepts checks made payable to Tallant Music Studio, LLC, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, or American Express. There is a $30 returned payment fee. Payment is available on the website, over the phone, or in the studio. 

MATERIALS FEES: There is an additional fee for books, other materials, and supplies. Materials fees are non-refundable. Your instructor will either purchase the materials directly and request reimbursement, or will ask the student to purchase the materials themselves.

WITHDRAWALS: Students may withdraw from lessons at any time but we do not issue refunds. Please note that should in-person lessons have to halt, we will not issue refunds for the term. All lessons will continue on a virtual platform. 

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Please choose your lesson times very carefully as the instructor reserves that time slot for the student each week. Please notify your instructor at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time if you must miss a lesson. Students arriving late for lessons will use only the remaining time left in the lesson. To cancel or to discuss scheduling issues, please contact your instructor. We are not obligated to make up any missed lessons if the student has made no effort to contact their instructor. If an instructor must miss a lesson, they are responsible to make that lesson up. 

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES: Please contact your instructor about various competitions and performance opportunities in the area. There are several throughout the NKY and Tri-State region. We will have studio-wide recitals at the end of each term.

PHOTO/VIDEO/AUDIO RELEASE OF LIABILITY:  I give permission for the image, video and/or audio recordings of me and/or my family to be used by Tallant Music Studio for publicity and advertising purposes.

GENERAL POLICY: Children under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult. Smoking and talking on the cell phone are prohibited inside the building. TMS does have two dogs (Vinny and Lulu), no other outside pets are allowed in the building.