Why Tallant Music Studio?

You are doing your homework and have found several music schools in the area. Location is probably a big factor in your decision, but what makes Tallant Music Studio the music school you can trust?

Tallant Music Studio (TMS for short) is comprised of well-educated and highly-experienced music instructors that have been serving the Cincinnati and NKY area for over 20 years. Each instructor brings a unique approach to their teaching, but one thing remains consistent, a passion to help you discover your voice and allow your talent to flourish. Whether you are a brand new student or coming back for more lessons, TMS is for you. Whether you are looking to become classically trained or are looking for a relaxed setting where you can learn a new instrument, TMS is for you!

Our teachers believe that lessons should be catered to the students’ goals. It is our job to identify your goals and then help you achieve them with instruction that is both informative and fun!

Most of our instructors are also music performers, meaning they know how to translate what is on the page into an engaging performance. We believe we can teach you how to do this too. Have you ever wanted to learn how to command a stage? TMS is for you! Have you ever wanted to perform at an open mic, a theatre, a concert, or a show? TMS is for you! We are here to help you meet your performance goals as well as guide you through each and every performance.

TMS is also here to guide you through audition preparation. Whether that audition is for a musical, a play, a music camp, an undergraduate, or graduate program audition, TMS is for you! Our music instructors have all been through several auditions themselves, and we can provide you with the tools and skills needed to walk into an audition with confidence and be well-prepared! Our instructors set a high standard for ourselves and for our students, and we pride ourselves in helping you ace that first or hundredth audition! So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your first music lesson today and let your talent flourish!